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Teppei Sasakura
Portofino 20.5x30.5
Passage to Lumiere 28x28
Wedding in the Park 28.5x28
Windows in Karuizawa 16x36.5


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Teppei Sasakura, Corricella, Rainbow, Seascapes, Boats, Cityscape
Teppei Sasakura, Galetaria, Street Scene, Cafe,
Tappei Sasakura, Magic Hour, Carousel, Lighthouse,C Seascape, Childrens Room, Designer Art, Corporate Art
Magic Hour
Teppei Sasakura, Opale, Greece, Harbor, Boats, Seascape, Designer Art, Corporate Art, Restaurant Art
Teppei Sasakura, Passage de Lumiere, Passage of Light, Hot Air Balloons, Cityscapes, Restaurant Art,, Designer Art, Corporate Art
Passage de Lumiere
Teppei Sasakura, Pentaque, Circular, People, Parks, Recreation, Children's Room, Designer Art, Corporate Art, Restaurant Art
Teppei Sasakura, Portofino, Street Scene, Rain, Umbrellas, Cityscape, Decor Art, Designer Art, Restaurant Art, Corporate Art
Teppei Sasakura, Singing, Winter, Carolling, Street Scene, Restaurant Scene, Corporate Art, Designer Art
Song of Stockbrigde
Teppei Sasakura, St. Cirque, Mauves, Pinks, Childrens Art, Street Scene, Restaurant Art, Corporate Art, Designer Art
St. Cirque 2
Teppei Sasakura,  Gables, City Scene, Restaurant Scene, People Scene, Corporate Art, Designer Art, Pinks, Blue, Mauve, Turquoise
Stepped Gables
Teppei Sasakura, Wedding in the Park, Garden Floral, Fountain, Park Scene, Fountain, Children Room, Restaurant Art, Designer Art, Corporate Art, Floral, Park Scene
Wedding in the Park
Teppei Sasakura, Windows, Kitchen, Dining Room, Floral, Impresionistic, Delightful, Designer Art, Restaurant Art, Corporate Art
Windows in Karuizawa
Corricella 31.5x 31.5
Stepped Gables 16x28.5
St. Cirque 21x31.5
Teppei Sasakura's serigraphs brought widespread acclaim and acceptance into Japan's mainstream art scene.  Blending Japan's traditional sense of beauty with his illustration technique, Teppei has created a unique artwork that employs light in a magical way.  His artwork portrays tranquility and happiness - daily lives enveloped by the special warmth of light.  This light, which exudes kindness and comfort, has attracted the hearts of both men and women, young and old.
Teppei Sasakura - Master Depicture of Serenity & Light

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Galetaria 30.5x20.5
Magic Hour 21.5x32.5
Opale 36x29.5
Pentaque 24.5x31.5
Song on Bridge 25.5x25.5