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Joanna Zjawinska
Tea Reds & Yellows Figurative Woman
Breakfast at Tiffany's 37x32
Women Figurative Sexy Evocative
Every Breath You Take 30x40
Limousine, Night Out,  Maxim's Evening Clothes Tuxedo
Maxim's SOLD
Night Games, Beer , Bar Scene, Sexy
Night Games 27x35
France Paris Dog Smoking Restaurant Outdoor Cafe
Sensations 26.5x35
Sexy Women Black Dress Gay
Tulips SOLD
In the games of life and love, there are the hunters and the prey.  The field of play?  The bordello, the boudoir, the bed.  The roles adopted by man and woman?  One personafies a fox, and the other masquerades as a hound.  But which is the pursuer, and which is the prize?
Exquisitely rendered  in glorious tones, Joanna Zjawinska, merges emotions, beautiful people, and characters, and allows you, the viewer, to determine the final outcome.
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