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Billie Coyne
Billie Coyne, Paris, Bistro Odeon
Bistro Odeon 23x34 $395
Billie Coyne, Paris, As Evening Begins
As Evening Begins 17x23 $195.
Billie Coyne, Paris, Gypsy
Gypsy 34x23 $395
Billie Coyne, Paris, Le Petit Zinc
Le Petit Zinc 23.25x35 $395.
Billie Coyne, Paris, Lovers in Paris
Lovers in Paris 34.5x23.5 $395.
Billie Coyne, Paris, Marche Mouffetard
Marche Mouffetard 34x23 $395
Billie Coyne, Paris, Opera
Opera 34x23.5 $395.
Billie Coyne, Paris, Poets Corner, Men Gathering, Street Scene, Paris
Poets Corner 34x23.5 $395.
Billie Coyne, Paris, Taking a Break, Reading Newspaper, Lamplight, Paris, Restaurant
Taking a Break 46x34 $395.
Only one each available
The French Collection - Signed Limited Editions
A native of England, Billie Coyne is a predominently self-taught artist who spent her formative years painting in Europe.
Her favorite subject matter comes from France, be it serene flower gardens nestled between buildings or bustling bistros, cafes and nightclubs.

Many of her paintings are in the tradition of French painter Henri Toulouse-Lautrec.
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