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Michell Hwang
Michell Hwang, The Emperor's Dream, Horse, Abstract, Impressionistic, Golds, Yellows, Original Serigraph, Canvas, Hand-Painted
The Emperor's Dream
Michell Hwang, Cat in the Flower Garden, Flower Garden, Cat, Abstract, Impressionistic, Large Format, Original Serigraph, Hand-Painted
Cat in the Flower Garden
Michell Hwang, Waiting for Spring, Cats, Flower Garden, Abstract, Reds & Greens
Waiting for Spring
Michell Wang, Cat and Cat
Cat and Cat
Michell Hwang, Green Dream
Green Dream

The Canvas pieces are all uniquely hand-painted with a hand painted chop signature.

All are large format and extremely striking artwork.

Dimensions & Pricing:

"Green Dream"  S&N
On Paper  55H x 37 W
Image       49H x 32W    $895.

On Canvas
Each is Unique (slightly different)
Chop Hand Signed
Image        49H x 31-1/2  $1200.

"The Emperor's Dream"  S&N
On Paper 33-1/4 x 46-3/4
Image       27-1/2 x 41-1/2  $895.

On Canvas
Each is Unique, Hand-Painted
Chop  Hand Signed
Image        27-1/2 x 41-1/2  $1200.

"Cat in the Flower Garden"  S&N
On Paper  41-1/2 x 32
Image        35 x 27           $895.

On Canvas
Each is Unique, Hand-Painted
Chop Hand Signed
Canvas  33 x 42
Image     26-3/4 x 35      $1200.

"Cat and Cat"  S&N
On Paper
Image      26 x 52               $895.

On Canvas
Sold Out

"Waiting for Spring"  S&N
On Paper  32x 41-1/2
Image        27 x 35-3/4     $895..

On Canvas
Each is Unique, Hand-Painted
Chop Hand Signed
Canvas  42 x 38-1/4
Image     35-3/4 x 27      $1200.

After returning to Taiwan, Michell Hwang began to explore the special characteristics of Far Eastern culture.  Hwang gradually started participating in exhibitions iboth at home and abroad and won many honors as well as leaving his mark at art auction houses.  He broke new artistic ground with the issuance of his large format limited edition serigraphs.
Only five (5) images were produced as serigraphs/monoprints -
making this an extraordinary opportunity for collectors worldwide.
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