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Thomas Easley
Thomas Easley, Canvas, Venice,
VENICE Image Size 29x38 $495
Thomas Easley, Canvas, Flowers, Pond, Iris, Floral with Water
POND WITH IRIS Image Size 28.5x38.5 $350
Thomas Easley, Canvas, Leaves, Abstract, Impressionistic
FALLING LEAVES Image Size 21x42 $350
Thomas Easley, Canvas, Rooster, Impressionistic, Restaurant, Strutting Rooster, Large Format
ROOSTER Image Size 29x32.5 $350
Thomas Easley, Canvas, Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, Impressionistic
GOLDEN GATE Image Size 26x 42 $350
Above Giclees on Canvas - Hand Signed Artist Proofs

Thomas Easley, American Flag, 911
911 Memorial Flag - Unique Deckled Edge 21x26 $250
Thomas Easley, Venice, Canal, Water
Canal, Stone Lithograph 27.5x19.5 $250.
Thomas Easley, Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe, Lake
Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe, 22x26.5 $250
Thomas Easley, Venice, Gondola, Canal, Water
Gondola, Stone Lithograph 27.5x19.5 $250.
Thomas Easley, Venice, Gondola, Canal, Water
Venice, Stone Lithograph 19.5x27.5 $250.
Thomas Easley is a self-taught artist whose successful career spanning 30 years and three continents has taken him from the snow capped Sierras of his childhood to the verdant hills of England, the canals of Venice and the banks of the holy Ganges in India.  Each location has provided Easley with insight for his inquisitive mind and inspiration for his blend of painting styles and techniques.
It is his applied knowledge and the development of his wqonderful skill while studying abroad which today gives Thomas the confidence to meld traditional styles with new; to create a blend that is uniquely his own.    Rather than a signature image, Easley's works are recognized by a signature style.    His is a painting style encompassing impressionism, realism, abstract, miniaturist detail and often surrealism to create an image all his own - undeniably Easley.
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